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When you are buying, selling or remortgaging a property, you will need the services of a solicitor or licenced conveyancer.


North East Mortgages - Mortgage Brokers and Protection Advisers, offer the services of Movin'Legal, who offer the use of a panel of solicitors.


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Homebuyer Insurance

Moving house rarely runs smoothly and is stressful enough without the financial worry of the purchase falling through and loss of money you have already paid out.


You can encounter many disruptions when buying a home, which can quickly unravel your plans, and in a number of cases bring the whole process to an unexpected end. Home Buyer Protection Insurance provides cover for your conveyancing costs in the case of an aborted transaction. Costs covered include legal fees, lenders fees, survey fees, searches and disbursements.


What does Homebuyers Protection Protect Against?

  • Gazumping by an offer of £1000 or more.
  • The property being withdrawn from sale.
  • Having to withdraw from the purchase due to unforeseen illness.
  • One of the parties buying the property dying, being made redundant or being given notice of relocation.
  • The mortgage lender insists on rectification work that costs more than 10% of the original sum offered and accepted.
  • The property is damaged and therefore completion and rectification work exceeding 10% of the original sum offered and accepted.


Cover is valid for 6 months and includes:


£1500 for cover inrespect of;

  • Conveyancing fees (including fees for local authority searches.
  • Survey and valuation fees
  • Mortgage arrangement fees.


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